Casa Bonita Mexican Restaurant

Casa Bonita Mexican Restaurant is located on the west side of Denver, CO at 6715 W. Colfax Ave Lakewood, CO. 80214. The 52,000 sq. ft. restaurant opened in 1974 and seats up to 1,000 guests. The outside of the restaurant is breathtaking. They have a beautiful fountain that was sent here in pieces from Mexico. There is usually a line to take a picture in front of it.

When you walk into the restaurant you will find a long hallway. This is actually the line that you stand in to order your food. Sometimes the line is out the door. They have all you can eat chicken tacos, burritos, enchiladas and so much more.. Yummy. The nachos look amazing too.

After you order and pick up your food they take you to a table. They have a wide variety of places to sit and eat. There are some tables on a bridge looking over the waterfall. They have a room with a stage for shows. You can sit high up or you can sit low on the ground in the caves. It’s very beautiful.

Cliff divers and skits are performed periodically. My favorite show is the ‘Gorilla shoot out’, but the cliff divers are really cool to see as well. They dive in a pool of 14 feet from a 30 foot cliff. It’s pretty amazing to see. I love water, so I think it’s brilliant.

     After you finish your dinner you have to order dessert too. My favorite is and always will be the sopapillas. They are so crispy and sugary with honey on them. Yum!

Don’t leave after dinner though, there is so much more to see and do such as:

  • A wishing well that talks to you
  • An exploratory cave for the kids-usually they love to hide in it and jump out from behind walls and bridges to try and scare you.
  • A puppet show with a talking rock that greets you before the show.
  • A piñata for the kids to bust open.
  • A caricature artist.
  • An arcade you can win tickets in.
  • A store to buy jewelry, toys, candy and souvenirs.

It’s also pretty cool to just walk around and see all their cool caves, lights and waterfalls. I think my daughter’s favorite part was the waterfall. She and her cousin kept sneaking off during dinner to go look at it. My favorite thing about Casa Bonita is seeing my kids faces light up with excitement and wonder. This was my daughter’s second time going and my son’s first time. They enjoyed it so much. It’s too bad that we didn’t get to do everything cause it was late. However, we will be back very soon, and you should visit too! Thanks for reading my first blog. I hope you enjoyed it and will visit Casa Bonita next time you’re in Colorado!

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  1. We always love our visits to Casa Bonita! It is definitely a unique experience… Even though we have been a handful of times, I didn’t realize they all you can eat tacos! Our favorite are the cliff divers. It’s SO cool!

  2. When I was growing up, there were several Casa Bonitas, and I lived an hour away from the one in Tulsa. I was always so excited when my parents said we were going there. Now, sadly, the only one left is in Colorado. I did take my kids to this one when we took our trip to Colorado. I’m so glad they got to experience it. It was a lot like the Tulsa one, but in Tulsa there weren’t any divers. I do try to figure out reasons that we would need to stop at Casa Bonita again. Like, when we take a road trip to California, we would need to spend a night in Denver, right? 🙂

  3. Wow! There is a lot going on here. How is the food overall? Is it Mexican or more Tex-Mex? All you can eat chicken tacos sound pretty good to me!

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