Shell Animals

My parents are semi-retired and like to travel in their RV. My mom is a shell lover and collects them as a hobby. She sent home a basket full of shells to each of her grandchildren a few years back. She sent them with a note describing her instructions on what to do with those shells.

The instructions stated they needed to make a shell animal and then enter it in a contest with all the kids shell animals and she was going to judge it.

These were fun to make and require just a few items:

  • Hot glue gun (you can find these on Amazon for ten dollars.) Amazon Glue Gun
  • Wax paper to put under your projects. No, paper products do not work.
  • Different size shells, whole or broken can be used for details.
  • Googly eyes (optional) shells can work for eyes too. 500 count googly eyes
  • Paint-if you wish to paint them.
  • Yarn for the mouth or other 3d features if desired.

Here are some of our finished products:

Nevaeh and I really enjoy making these together.

We find it relaxing.

Not to mention when hot glue is cooled, it is fun to peel.

Can you guess what animals these are?


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