Church Retreat to Trail West, Buena Vista, Co


My sister, Jackie goes to Rocky Mountain Calvary. It’s a church around the corner from my church. Recently they held a women’s retreat in Buena Vista, Colorado. It was held at a beautiful retreat facility there called Trail West-Young Life. Churches all over Colorado use this spot for their retreats because it is tucked away in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. It is only a few minutes away from a small town called Buena Vista. There are also a few hot springs within a 30 minute drive. I recommend going to a hot springs if you have never been.

Trail west has one main lodge where most of the rooms are. They also have cabins to rent out as well. The main lodge has the smaller rooms that can fit anywhere from one to seven people. They also have bigger dorm rooms in the lodge that can fit 15 people if you prefer to be THAT social. We dont, so we had a private room.


Inside the main lodge they also have a huge fireplace to stay warm by, and a beautiful chandelier made out of deer horns. If you like to shop or drink coffee there is a cute little shop where I bought my kids a whistle made out of wood; and a coffee bar for the coffee enthusiasts.

We stayed only two nights, but it seemed like forever away from my kids. Each night after dinner we had seminars where we did worshipping, activities and skits to loosen everyone up and break the ice. This year’s theme was girlfriends, how to stay connected with them, how to support them, and how to learn to forgive them. Which these days I lack in all those fields. Our first activity we were given a sheet with facts on them and we had to go around the room and find someone to sign off on the facts that matched that person’s interests and make a bingo.

Needless to say, I did not win a bingo.

My favorite way to express my faith is through worship. I absolutely enjoy singing my heart out to my Lord. So, I love the seminars and worships in the main room.


They also did baskets that we voted on. This was a fun little activity we did before each meal and the seminars. There were over 50 baskets to give away I believe. I didn’t win a basket but at the end of the retreat I did win an extra gift that didn’t make it into the baskets. There was a catch to those though, we had to give it away to another person. I gave mine to my mom. Awwww. I know right.

I bet your all wondering the big question, “Is there a pool/hot tub?” At least that’s my first question. The answer is yes!!! It has quit the view, too. The pool was very refreshing, but the hot tub was more relaxing. Of course, the only time we had to go in it was during free time and it was full, but we slithered our way in. Still was nice to see all these ladies kicking back and relaxing. Although, I don’t know if we relaxed much with all the joking and laughing going on. It was still extremely needed.

The game room has different activities such as pool, ping-pong, shuffle board, and air hockey. We had some time to play a few games of shuffle board.

Out back is quite spacious and beautiful. A hammock sits upstairs on the deck. Somewhere on the property they have a horse stable for riding. They also have a tight rope walking course that I tried to do but chicken out at the last-minute… Figures. We also walked around a fort castle made for children. It was pretty cool and had two stories to it. The locals at the shops in town told us about a trail on the property that we should try out, we didn’t. We were too busy watching me chicken out on the tight rope.

Last but not least, the dinning room. The meals were served and cooked by teens from the church who had signed up to help out that weekend. In fact, the teens did most of everything as far as setting up activities and making sure meals were perfect. You could even catch them dancing and singing in the dinning room as they clean up after us adult slobs, bumping music on the house speakers. Anyway, the meals were terrific, four course meals. Yes we had dessert, too.  The last morning was buffet style, so there wasn’t a whole lot of clean up.

This was my second retreat at Trail West. I will absolutely have a third and a fourth trip in the future, hopefully with my daughter. Being out here in the middle of nowhere looking deep off into the mountain is incredibly spiritual for me as well as all these ladies. I felt incredible blessed to be a part of a weekend full of spiritual healing and growth. It was a time of deep reflection, as well as having the opportunity to connect with other women and hopefully make new friends.

Both of which I had success in!

Trail West-Young Life



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  1. I love trailswest! Totally would’ve been there with you if I hadn’t just had a baby! This blog made me feel like I got a glimpse of what I missed!

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