Everyday is a Musical!

Who likes to sing? Who actually sounds good singing? Who thinks they sound good singing until the music suddenly turns off and you realize you sound nothing like the artist singing the song? That last one is totally me. Which is why I don’t understand how my daughter acquired good wind pipes. Maybe from her Dad? Either way, I like to sing even if I sound good or not. My daughter reassured me that I’m not bad, but who listens to that nonsense.
My daughter has been singing all nine years of her life. Everywhere we go she would sing and dance. Stores, bathrooms, restaurants, pools, malls, school, planes, you name it, she has sung there. It took her teachers two years to get her to get to a tolerable amount of singing and humming in class because the other students would complain.

Nevaeh doesn’t have an ordinary voice. She has multiple singing voices. She can make notes come out of her mouth that I have never heard anyone sing. I get compliments everywhere we would go about how she sounded. People would tell me that she was unique and I should put her on The Voice or Americas Got Talent(our favorite shows).

So we put her in choir at her school. She was only able to start choir in third grade, and she only lasted in that after school activity for one semester. Her teacher wasn’t very focused and never, I MEAN NEVER, gives out A’s. Until this year that is. She got an “A” in music class, So proud.

Anyways, we decided to put her in private singing lessons at Lucci Music, the best decision I could make for her. Her teacher does so well with her, and Nevaeh absolutely adores her. Score. She is taking a one hour lesson every week, which include a 30 minute piano lesson. I told her in two years we will talk about putting her on a show if she still desired to do so.
Check out some of her singing videos we made throughout her life. When she becomes famous you can say you saw her when she was just a wee thing…

She also has a YouTube channel called Nevaeh 777. If you like her work please follow her.

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  1. Goodness, she does have quite a range! I’ve always wondered if everyone could learn to sing with the right teacher. I think probably I could, but developing a range and tones like your daughter doesn’t seem like something learned. I imagine with proper vocal instruction she would easily make one of those shows in a couple of years. She’s awesome!

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