A Mothers’ Woes

I am currently stalking my daughter as she rides her bike across the street (two houses down mind you) to play with some friends, a million things run through my mind.

I am a mom of two.. Let me rephrase, I am a paranoid mom of 3(one angel), living in the 21st century. My 10-year-old daughter is two houses down and in my head bells are ringing, Alarms are BLARING.

You all know what I’m talking about.?

So I sit.. I watch out my window.. At who though?? I can’t see her.. She is on the other side of the house.. Just incase I guess??


I see kids walking down the street, they are coming home from school.. Probably an after school activity. I always wonder, do those kids parents watch them out their windows like a creepy parent?? Probably not, their parents are normal. I am not normal. After all, the worst case scenarios are going through my mind at this moment.

Can you imagine a neighborhood with just parents in every window at 2:30 in the afternoon waiting.. Creepy.

So… What did I say before she rides her bike out the garage and two doors down you ask??

I said what every parent says every time their child leaves their side…duh!

“Now, if someone is in a car riding next to you and wont leave what do you do?? If someone lost a puppy and needs help, you??? Even someone you know?? If an animal runs up to you aggressively, what do you do?”

A few things….WOE… Right.. Way to scare my child to not want to play outside ever!!!!

Ya right, not my child.. She will be like ‘a tornado?? let me see’… ha

But seriously…

What sucks about this is that it has to be said. This day in our life, it has to be said. They have to be informed right?? But how do we do it gracefully? I admit we haven’t gone over drills in a while, but she still had all the right answers. When she was old enough, like 3 or 4, I taught her how to use the panic button on my alarm system incase ‘mommy doesn’t wake up’ or whatever…O ya, I did that.

“Omg she is sooo paranoid…”

Ya, I am. I am.

We have done this a hundred times during the summer. Why is each time just as bad?

I take a deep breath and try to remember, she is smart and she is brave. She is with other children, and in multiples is always good. Reminders are good. A phone is good too. She was on a bike, not walking, probably a plus…I’m assuming. She has a helmet to protect her head if she falls, So she is good right???

I look up.. I am now sitting on my porch.. dang it..

In all seriousness, what should we tell our children to prepare them for real life as we know it today? Scary but true. I feel our littles are never too young to start preparing for situations like this.

When my daughter was younger, My schedule at work allowed me to be home in the mornings while my hubby was at work. The things I worried about was mostly about me.

What would she do if I didn’t wake up one morning? She would be stuck in her crib till her dad came home. How would she handle a fire, or break-in? Would I be able to run to her room in time? I was “lucky” her first year, she had sleep apnea and was on a monitor at night so I never worried about s.i.d.s.

As she got older I worried more about her. What if she walked out the front door in the middle of the night? What if she chokes on food at school cause they rushed her? (That did happen to a 7 or 8-year-old, but not in my city.) What if she is bullied like I was?

And then we have the very scary what if’s..

What if someone takes her from school? What if someone snatches her off my front yard or while walking home from school?

How do we give our children responsibilities such as playing with friends at the park (which I can see from my window) with out freaking out? It’s not that I don’t trust her.

Her are a few examples of what I have learned over my nine years of parenting, article reading, studies reading, etc..

  • Never talk to or leave with strangers no matter their excuse.
  • If a stranger is persistent, get loud. Perps don’t like attention brought to them.
  • If anyone tells them their parents sent them, don’t go. Find a way to check-in with the parents.
  • Do not go with anyone to help look for a puppy or a place, etc.. Make sure with the parents before going with someone you know.
  • Teach them how to defend themselves if being attacked. Poke, kick, scream, bite, be real loud, run and never give in. Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle. They don’t like the fight.
  • Teach your child what to do if for some reason you’re not home when they come home from school. What neighbor can be trusted and will be home?
  • If possible, send your kid with a phone or tracking device even to school (if the kid is too young for that, they are probably too young to be outside without an adult. My daughter was 5 when she got her first tablet that could call and text me while she was with her sitters at home. Judgy parents will try to put their two cents in about phone, tablets, etc… But in reality, it’s my daughter’s safety at mind. Not trolling parents ready to judge me at every turn.
  • Have a whistle and flash light in their backpack or hanging from a zipper.
  • Teach them to use the alarm system young. I work for my families alarm business so I know the ins and outs. If you don’t have a system to protect your family, get one and use it. Teach your small child how to summons the police or medic if needed. It can safe a life. FOR REAL. (Burglars assume that most alarms are not armed. Arm your system.
  • If possible, take advantage of the self-defense classes that are offered after school. Most are just trial classes, but they teach the basics and that will help your child.
  • Swimming lessons are a must.
  • Have fire drills at home. Talk about different escape routes.
  • Make sure you have the proper car seat for the age and it is installed correctly. Local fire departments and hospitals can take a look if you’re not sure.

These are just a few guidelines I use to teach my children real life situations. If you have any to add please email me.

Thank you for reading. Please share this if you found it to be useful.

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