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I am known to rant. And… I have to say some of my best work, I feel, comes at spur of the moment thoughts and feelings. (I could be totally wrong though).

I have children on my mind. IF you know me personally, you know that I love children. All of them (well most). I feel deeply saddened when children become victims. I mean It crushes my soul a little every time. I have thoughts at weird times such as ‘right now, children somewhere are suffering. At the hands of another human or poverty’. It hurts. I don’t like the thought of the helpless being victims.

Especially at the hands of another human. What makes anyone think they can hurt a child? Who decided long ago that it was their right to EVER lay a hand on a child? Even verbally? Who gave them that right?

And I know what people are going to say… ‘Sometimes, children need discipline.’ This is not discipline I am talking about. I am talking about a child who is being abused. A child who needs love and compassion. A child who feels like playing but can’t because they are afraid of playing wrong and being hit across the room. A child whom is locked in a closet and forced to live only to be released and be tortured.

I hate these people. As a Christian, I feel hate is not a feeling we are supposed to feel.

I mean how in the world does Jesus forgive these awful people? (These people of the devil in my opinion.) HOW?

I am all about forgiveness. It’s a key to a pure heart. But, I don’t want to forgive these people. I want to help these children. Save them. Coddle them. Show them what love is. Let them see that life is not all hurt and tears.

My passion in life are children. They are. All of the places I have volunteered have included children.

How can I make more of a difference? How can I help children who need to be helped? How do I stop the next beating? How can I help find the next meal? We do sponsor, but that’s not enough. Still there are children suffering… Children feeling worthless. Feeling helpless. Like no one loves them. Well I do. I love them all.. But.. how do I save..

Not just one, ALL.

Lord, help them all!

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