HOW CAN ANYONE HURT A CHILD?? I am known to rant. And... I have to say some of my best work, I feel, comes at spur of the moment thoughts and feelings. (I could be totally wrong though). I have children on my mind. IF you know me personally, you know that I love children.... Continue Reading →

I am currently stalking my daughter as she rides her bike across the street (two houses down mind you) to play with some friends, a million things run through my mind. I am a mom of two.. Let me rephrase, I am a paranoid mom of 3(one angel), living in the 21st century. My 10-year-old... Continue Reading →

Everyday is a Musical!

Who likes to sing? Who actually sounds good singing? Who thinks they sound good singing until the music suddenly turns off and you realize you sound nothing like the artist singing the song? That last one is totally me. Which is why I don't understand how my daughter acquired good wind pipes. Maybe from her... Continue Reading →

Shell Animals

My parents are semi-retired and like to travel in their RV. My mom is a shell lover and collects them as a hobby. She sent home a basket full of shells to each of her grandchildren a few years back. She sent them with a note describing her instructions on what to do with those... Continue Reading →

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